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Grasping the essence of the abortion issue

The two key issues to focus on are: the nature of a fetus, and the nature of individual rights. The first issue to grasp is the difference between potential and actual. A fetus is not an actual human being, but is human tissue. A fetus is only a potential human being,...

What motivates women who crusade against abortion?

What motivates women who crusade against abortion? I've always wondered this. I think the American philosopher Ayn Rand identifies their motivation. It is not love, but hatred. Writes Rand: "I cannot project the degree of hatred required to make those women run around...

Does a fetus have a right to be inside the body of the woman?

A fetus does not have a right to be in the womb of any woman, but is there by her permission. This permission may be revoked by the woman at any time, because her womb is part of her body. Permissions are not rights. There is no such thing as the right to live inside...

Launched our new site

Our site has finally been updated. Check it out and share it with your friends. https://www.abortionisprolife.com/ Please let us know via the contact form if you have any issues. More articles and essays are planned.

Former President Jimmy Carter: Wrong on Abortion

Former President Jimmy Carter: Wrong on Abortion

In Jimmy Carter’s moral judgment, abortion is wrong. Jimmy Carter wants his Christian ideology to be imposed on everyone, across the board. I oppose the religious right. But how is the religious left any better, or any different? Both support tyranny.

Video: Pregnancy By Rape is a Gift From God?

Apparently so according to Religious Conservative Rick Santorum. See this video on why rape victims should 'make the best out of a bad situation', i.e., should be forced by the state to not have an abortion. Make sure to have a throw up bucket handy....

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